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**** Wonderful!

This story takes place in 1913 London where Seamus returned after a trip to Antartida ,and  India, where Willa is.  

In London Willa's family is in the middle of the struggle for women's suffrage.    In India: was Willa, with her pains and her memories.  For neither willa, nor Seamus would ever forget what had happended in Africa.  They had been climbing the Kilimanjaro when a boulder hit Willa and she fell.  Seami carried her to the base, but when he reached the villa, one of her legs had to be amputated.  And she never forgave Seamus Finnegan for that loss.  Eight years after that, she is climbing mountains and she has a wide knowledge of the Himalayas, she has surveyed, mapped and photographed more than any westerner had ever done.  She is still in love with Seamus but will they be reunited again?


**** Nice easy read

Maddie maloney is a gemolotist and a nerd who discovered a pink diamond worth twenty millon dollars, but when she was curved over her microscope, a  stranger came into the jewelery shop and warned her about a jewel thief called Chameleon. The stranger's name is Fabian Montgomery and they are going to have quite an adventure together, trying to catch the chameleon while escaping from the police.

GRAVE MERCY, by Robin LaFevers

Grave Mercy: His Fair Assassin, Book I (His Fair Assassin Trilogy)**** Loved it!

Lots of intrigues, spies, deception and also love.

This story takes place in the beautiful Brittany of 1485 when the Duchy of Brittany still remained independent from France. Although the characters  travel  through " la Bretagne", there are little or no descriptions of the cities they visit, such as Guerande, Nantes, Rennes, Quimper, Amboise, fougeres, Brest, Guingamp, St. Malo...   A pity.

Grave Mercy is written in the first person of  Ismae Rienne who was raised as  the daughter of a turnip's farmer but was in fact the daughter of Mortain, the god of death. She was brutally beaten by her father until he sold her to Guillo as his wife, but he was no better.  She was saved by a herbewitch who took her to the Convent of Saint Mortain.  By the way they had to take a boat to reach the Convent, I imagine it was Mont St. Michel. A convent in a small island, very near the beach which is now a tourist place and a convent.

Ismae is fourteen years old when she learns to serve Mortain in any way he asks her. She is not only very clever but also an excellent assasin.  She despises  all men, for how they had treated her all her life, but then  she meets Duval...

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Midnight Remedy****  I loved it!

Dr. Eric Chambers came to ask Piper about her maggic potion she gave Randy  Johnson. He wanted to know what was in the herbal tea and also to tell Ms. Piper Stevenson to keep her herb-picking hands off his patients. But he was totally distracted by her when he saw her. 

Piper was duped once, seven years ago, when she met her sons father, who was married with three kids!  She is not going to fall for Eric's charms... Or is she?


A Dixie Christmas***

The first story: Clayton Jessup III is the new owner of The Blue Suede Suites and the vacant lot where  the Fallons had set up their Nativity scene. Annie Fallon and her family where all dressed up as characters of a fifties movie retrospective.  Still, a strange heat pulsed through Clayton's body as he gazed at her.  And just as he was about to kicking them off his property, he fell broke his ankle and bumped his head. And Annie took him to her farm and took good care of him....

The second story: Lance Caslow, her exhusband and NASCAR superheroe was once more trying to convince her to forgive him.  He probably thought she would take one look at him and melt, and she did, but she didn't forgive him.  So he decided to take drastic measures...

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A KISS IN THE WIND, by Jennifer Bray-Weber

A Kiss in the Wind**** total adventure!

This story takes place at sea and in Puerto Plata, Hispaniola island in 1726.  It's a pirate adventure with lots of fights and shipwrecking.

Marisol Castellan is the daughter of a french pirate who has been on board for two years already and has learned nearly everything.  She is searching one of her brothers, to do so, she intercepts a courrier.  To escape spanish soldiers she ends in a public house where she meets Blade.

Captain Blade Tyburn is a libertine wknow to seduce woemn all over the Caribbean with his charm. He loves women and he treat them well. (may be too well) .

They are wildly attracted to each other...


Forbidden Fantasies**** I enjoyed this short story!

Jessica Meyers has been married to  her handsome husband for fifteen years.  They have two children of seven and five years old and their sex life is a bore.  But then Jessica bought some bdsm books and she started yearning for more.

Alex Meyers is a state trooper and is a master uncovering the truth but cannot understand what is happening to their marriage. So when his wife tells him, he prepares a special weekend in a b&b (bondage and breakfast)

This story is nice, is a bdsm, but is not kinky.  I enjoyed it.
Wicked Weekend**** entertaining bdsm short story

This is my first  bdsm book, so for me it was educational.  

Lauren Vaughn introduced her sister to the man she has a crush on.  And now they are in their bachelorette party in a ski center and she is lonely and bored.  But then she glimpses a man with a black handkerchief in his pocket and she remembers the hanky code, but she is not sure what the left pocket meant.  So, Mr fantasy man comes to her table and starts talking to her.  Jamie finally takes her to his suite and never wants to let her go.

Seduction (The Spymaster's Men)*** Not as good as her other books, but nice read 

Julianne Greystone is an Englishwoman sympathizing with the french peasants, during the french revolution.  She takes care of an english spy, Dominc Paget, who was wounded in France and is thoroughly captivated by him. He is very attracted to her, so when she escapes to London to avoid him, it is Dominic who comes to her rescue.

ALLEGIANCE, Cayla Kluver

Allegiance (Harlequin Teen)**** Lovely teenage story of love and magic!

Queen Alera of Hytanica is only eighteen years old, and already madle in love.  But her love cannot be, for Narian can't help his past.  he is madly in love with her, he cannot keep his mind of her or forget her deep blue eyes. 

Narian is destined to conquer Hytanica but she hopes he will not do it, hopes he will not fight against her. But he does....

HER DARK PROTECTOR by Carol Stephenson

Her Dark Protector**** I couldn't put it down!

State Attorney Gail Malloy was having a rendevous with her snitch Jean Pierre late at night and in a dangerous neighbourhood.  He was going to give her information that will put Tony Hernandez in jail forever.  Jean Pierre claimed to have proof of Hernandez killing Juan Montoya, Ortega's number one man in the United States.  

Unfortunately, Jean Pierre never showed up, in  his place was someone determined to kill her and he would have succeded if not for her dark protector. 

Jason Hawke is a business tycoon determined to help put Hernandez in jail for the murder of his wife and child.  He is seeking revenge.  In fact, he joined the Justice Hunters, a secret organization dedicated to maintining law and order in order to do so. 

But, although he has his own agenda he is attracted to Gail, and so is she. They will have to  bear lies, deception, corruption, and the death of close friends, but in the end love prevails...

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THE PRICE OF INNOCENCE, by susan sizemore

*****  I loved it!

"The price of innocence is what someone is willing to pay to destroy it"

Lord Jack Pen Martyn is an english earl who works for the Foreign Office since he was only seventeen years old.  

Nine years ago, as he was mascarading as a irish pirate in Asia getting information for his country,  he met Sherehezade Van Harlen, an american prisoner in a cage waiting to be taken to a harem.  Jack makes a deal with her: she would be free in a month if she gave him her innocence.  She accepted, and more than a month after that she returned home with a broken heart and pregnant.  She had to face her problems, marry somebody to give her baby and manage her father's legacy.

Rich american heiress Sherri Hamilton, widow of Jeremiah Hamilton, is in London with her daughter Minnie and her aunt Dora Comstock who wishes to see her daughters married to men of titles.  

When Sherri is introduced to Lord Penmartyn she doesn't quite recognize him as her former lover and keeper.  He, on the other hand, is spellbound and stopped breathing thinking that his Sheherezade was going to faint or shout.  She sensed something dangerous in him, and some similarity to Cullum, her irish pirate, but he speaks quite differently and has no beard.

Jack is a respectable and generous lord, loved and admired by everyone and Sherri cannot understand how he became an earl.  She hates him and she is the only woman he ever loved.  But he is not enough for her.  He feels he doesn't deserve her.  She will prove him wrong.

There are lovely romantic  love scenes.  I enjoyed this book very much.

WHITE NIGHTS, by Susan Edwards

White Nights (Leisure historical romance)**** Lovely too!

Another story of the Oregon trail in 1856.  If you read White Wolf, you won't want to miss this one.  This is the story of Eirica Macauley whose husband was supposedly dead in the waters of the Plate River.  She is glad to be a widow, finally free of her abussive husband.  She is never going to trust a man again, to give another man the power to hurt her and her children.

James loves her.  He wants to make a home with her and her lovely children and some of their own.  He aches for her and can't live without Eirica even though she is pregnant of her fourth child. He is determined to win her trust and her love.

They will find several obstacles to their love, greatest of all that her husband Rick is not dead but determined to take her back.

I found love and courage and sacrifice in all these wonderful families that had the same goal: reach oregon and have lands of their own and settle down.

WHITE WOLF, by Susan Edwards

White Wolf*****Lovely!

Jennifer Jones lost her parents when she was a little girl.  She was raised by  her three brothers, mostly James, who was seventeen years old at the time. They promised their parents to stick together no matter what. But now Jessy's brothers want to leave her behind. They have been planning to  move to Oregon for a long time, they sold the house, the cattle. 

Everything was arranged but the wagon master broke his leg and White Wolf is going to take his place.  He is a half breed and has a rule: no single women are allowed.  But Jessy is determined to go with her brothers even if she has to dress up like a boy.

Jessy and Wolf will fight most of the time, she finding revenge in little things such as embedding some thorns in his bedroll, or dropping a small sliver of hot chili peeper into his pot, he keeping her busy with lots of work and no fun.  But soon he realises he is a she, and he has to fight the sensual attraction he feels  for her and she was not immune to him either.  Jessie Jones is irresistible but he cannot keep her, he has a duty to his people. And while he is still fighting her, Wahoska, his wolf fells in love with her dog Sadie.  

Jessy has a wild temper but is a lovely character, so full of energy and life.  Wolf is such a good man, sweet, giving  and protective. I fell in love with all the characters.  Lovely story.   All the characters are really great.  I fell in love with them and was glad I could continue enjoying them in Susan Edwards' next book: White Nights

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SANCTUARY COVE, by Rochelle Alers.

****  I enjoyed it.

Deborah moves to the small community of Sancturay Cove after the death of her husband.  She needs to be away from Charleston and the people that hurt her family. 

She is moving also her bookstore, the first one in Sanctuary Cove.  And there she meets a very handsome, wounded man who lost his wife and kid some time back and is renting a suite at the Cove Inn.    

They are going to find something wonderful...

WITH THIS KISS, by Bella Riley

With This Kiss*****  I loved it!

Rebecca Campbell moved to Emerald lake and fell in love with the town, the Adirondacks and the people.  She was soon engaged to be married to Stu, but they realized they weren't in love and canceeled the wedding, only three weeks in advance.  

John Murphy, Stu's brother, took one look at her and  he was mesmerized.   Every time she sees him, she feels an attraction so strong that she is scared.  They fight all this sensual tension, but in the end they cannot deny themselves anymore...

I fell in love with the town, Lake Yarns, and all the characters, specially Celeste with her joie du vivre, and her magnificent story.

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QUINN, by R.G. Ryan

Quinn****  I loved it!

Quinn was only ten years old when his mother disappeared without leaving a trace.  His brother Jake had been five and  Josh seven.  His father Cole was devastated and their grandfather Big Jim was trying to keep them busy at the time.  From that moment on, the five of them live alone in the Conway ranch with Phoebe Hogan, who lost her husband being very young and Ela who raised Cole, since his mother died when he was a baby.

Cheyenne O' Brian lived in her ranch with Micah Horn, an old guy who looks after her since she was a little girl, and was just like family.  Her mother died when she was young, her brother and father, some years before.

One night she was all alone in the ranch, when she meets Quinn.  They are attracted to each other, lots of sexual tension between them.   But she is in danger and it comes from where they less expect it.  Quinn will do his best to keep her safe, but will he succed?

Lovely family!

BOND WITH ME, by Anne Marsh

Bond with Me**** I enjoyed it!

This is a fantastic story of fallen angels.  The rebels are Dominions, angel warriors bred to defend the throne of Heavens, and to die for it, although the only way to kill them is to cut off their heads completely.  Archangel Michael influenced by a devious angel, punished these Dominions to stripped their souls and wings and cast them out of heaven.  They fell to earth to be half beast and half men until they found their soul mate.  If they did, the Fallen would regain their wings and soul and the entrance to Heaven again.

Three thousand years after that, in the M City, in Russia, Brends Duranov, the fallen angel owner of the night club G2, meets his soul mate.  She is searching for her cousin.  Lots of women wanted to bond with a Goblin to experience total pleasure, although the Goblin preyed on their human's emotions, drinking them down like a vampyr did blood.  Mishka Baran is aware of the danger but she is determined to find her cousin Pelinor, and the only way to help her is to bonding with Brends Duranov.  And it is going to be a great experience!

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FATAL FLAW, by Marie Force

Fatal Flaw*** I enjoyed it!

First of all I want to say this is my first Marie Force book.  I didn't read the first Fatal book, so I was lost at times with some of the characters.  I loved Senator Nick Cappuano and D.c. Police Liutenant Sam Holland and the other couples as well.  Terry O'Connor and Lindsey McNamara's, Jeannie Mc Bride and Michael,  Freddy Cruz and Elin, Gonzo and Christina... There is a lot of love around.

Nick and Sam are back from the honeymoon in Bora Bora when the murders started.  And they also discovered there were thinly veiled death threats mixed with their wedding cards, thousands of them! They arrived at HQ, at Nick's office, at home... so there was a lot of work to do.  Sam and Nick are in danger and so are many people related to them.

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**** I liked it.
An English baron wants to buy Rocky Rhodes' father golf course so he can put up a textile machinery factory.  Her boss, senator  Rupert Warren put her at Lord Wollham's disposal until the problem is solved. There is a conflict of interest... and there is the fact  that Rocky doesn't want to go to Last Chance for the Watermelon festival.  How is she going to solve Lord Wollham's problem without drowning in his scotch whisky color eyes? The town is lovable.  The characters too.  You will enjoy  this love story.

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EATING FREE, by Manuel Villacorta

****  I love this book, it shows you how to eat what is good for you and loose weight in the way.  It's very interesting to know about the ghrelin hormone, how it spikes if you don't eat every three hours, how to control your hunger and the best of all: the shopping list!  


The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution*****  I love it!  After you read the first chapters you will be able to  know whether you are a hunter or a farmer.  For me it was 100% farmer, so I'm starting with the farmer diet, which is very healthy, so if I loose weight, it will be great!  Very interesting book with all the explanations you need to know.

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EDGE OF SURVIVAL, by Tony Anderson

***** I couldn't put it down!

Cameran Young is biologist researching for the Environmental Impact Research in the northern Canadian wilds.  She arrives with her friend Vicky to a bar full of mining men where she needed to go to the toilet,   and she notices the second cubicle is closed, she thought there was a woman  needing help, but when she opened the door, the woman was beyond help, her throat was slit, she was definetely dead.  In shock she barelly remembers her flight with  Daniel Fox, her apointed helicopter pilot through islands, inlets and fjords to the bay where the Imaviaq is anchored.  

Between Daniel and Cam there is intense growing attraction, but he has issues.  He is struggling with some memories of his past as a UK SAS  sergant, and is trying to drown his sorrow in alcohol and casual sex.  He is very protective of Cam, probably because she has diabetes.

This book is full of funny comments and descriptions, such as:  "...charming everyone who possessed dangling genitalia with her Colgate smile and Clairol streaks" 

In fact, I couldn't put it down, the characters are completely lovable and realistic, and it has the basic ingredients for a good entertainment: suspense, romance, fun, a bit of mystery and surprise in the end and a good rhythm.  I loved it!

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CAUGHT IN CRYSTAL, by Patricia C. Wrede


This is my first book of Patricia C. Wrede's series about the world of Lyra.  Lyra is a magical place that is shared by four races, the Shees, the Wyrds, that are creatures very similar to cats, Neiras and humans.  The center of the main continent sank, mountains rose and fell...

Fifteen years ago Kayl used to be a warrior of the Sisterhood of the Star and was happy there, until  the mission of the tower went all wrong, and she left to protect her Varnan friends, and marry one of them in the end. 

Now Kayl is a widow who  lives in Copenhan, Mindaria several months away from Kith Alunel.  She has two children Mark and Dara, who seem to have some powers too.  She owns an inn and works there cooking and managing the inn.  One day, while she was sweeping the floor, a very wealthy travel charriot arrived bringing somebody with power, a sorceress of the Sisterhood of the Star.   Corrana of the Sussewild, without meaning to, brought danger to Kayl and her children.  Seven Magicseekers were after her, and the magic they could obtain from them all.  

But Glyndon shal Morag,  her Varan friend came to warn her of it.  Glyndon  has been having spells and visions, since their mission in the tower, when some of her friends died.  And they could hide and leave Copenhan,  , and doing so she will be faced with danger, but also with love and adventure.

I do not always enjoy fantastic books, but this one was very entertaning.

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****     Great thriller!

John Le Beau gives us another collision!  Engaging suspense in lovely scenario. Once again, german police detective Kommisar Franz Waldbaer leads the investigation with his Austrian colegue, Frau Sabine Reiner and CIA agent Robert Hirter.  

Georg Forster, founder of the Österriche Nationalistische Verteidgungs Front Partei ( a neo nazi party), was found dead in what seems a crash accident, but his succesor, Anton Hessler, claims he was murdered by the mossad.  Kommisar Franz Waldbaer was ordered to investigate, since the crash occured 20 km. from the border of Austria, in Germany, and Kommissarin  Frau Sabine Reiner from Innsbrück, since Forster was Austrian and was leaving Austria as it happened.  

They find out somebody was tailing him, an agent of the mossad, who was killed too.  So the investigation expands from the south of Germany to the north port of Hamburg, and Austria, from Langfield, Virginia, to Azerbaijan, and Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Funny situations about the idyosincrasy of Austrian people and the beliefs of Kommisarin Sabine, who is a very feminist woman, and also about who is to lead this investigation, plus where they should meet, (München or Innsbück) leading Waldbaer to think that austrian people had an inferiority complex because Austria used to be a very powerful empire and was now only a tourist destination.  Sabine thinks he is chauvinistic and he is not a very good host since he provided her with coffee in a ceramic mug which was less than robustly cleaned, while she invited him with strudel and coffe from Julius Meinl (a coffee shop with 150 years of history).  She is always against his meeting places, such as the Bier Garten. :-)

It was nice to notice Le Beau was familiar with Bayern, enough to know bavarians greet each other with "Grussgott" being mostly catholic, instead of Hallo, or Guten Morgen as in other states of Germany.  The description of every place is very good too.  It was a pleasure to read and I felt transported minus jet lag to germany and austria.

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LEARNING TO TRUST, by Lynne Connolly

Cover image for Learning to Trust*****  I loved it!  

I finished it in one day, and not because it is short. (73000 words)

Bellina Mazzanti Forde disappeared with Byron Brantley five years ago.  Now his brother Jonathan has tracked her to Naples and asks for her help in finding his brother, in fact he decided not to let her out of his sight until he can do it.  

Lina doesn't want to be found and never thought of returning to her life as a socialite in New York city.  She had a new identity and is happy in her new and thrifty life, as a waitress of a small Cafe in Naples. They cannot avoid the incredible pull of desire and they start an affair.  There are lots of sex scenes.   Someone shots at them .  Why?

I liked the characters very much.  Lina is a recovering drug addict, she  is independent, she studies and works.  Jon is lovable, sexy and possive, in a nice way...

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A SEDUCTIVE KISS, by Francis Ray

A Seductive Kiss (Grayson Friends)***** Excellent! 
I couldn't put it down.  Dianne is a lovable heroine, Alex Stewart is not only a successful lawyer he is also sexy, has a heart of gold and has always been there for her.  Like when she was five and he was nine, and her parents had given away all her toys for Christmas and Santa had forgotten to visit her house, he had bought a pink bicycle with his own money and told her Santa had delivered to his house. Ahhhh! :-) (so cute)

Dianna Harrington is known as The Face (of Harrington House), she is stunning, and could probably choose any man she wants but she feels more comfortable with Alex. And there is this thing that she feels when he touches her, when he looks at her,  so she has a proposition for him...

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Salad for Dinner: Simple Recipes for Salads that Make a Meal**** Great Salads!

This is a book you will like to have at hand when you are planning a meal.  Salads look delicious and healthy! There are tips you won't like to miss, the key ingredients and basic techniques, basic skills, how to....

Leafy salads, vegetable and fruit salads (great combinations!), grain, bread and pasta salads and last but not least the legume salads. 

Also how to make the dressings...mayonnaise and vinagrettes... Very easy to follow instructions.  The photography is superb, you can taste these salads!

Sweet Macarons: Delectable French Confections for Every Day ***** Great book on macarons!

This book is great!  The photographs are lovely and you feel it will be so easy to make your own macarons!  There are 25 recipes of macarons you will love to try!  The classics (chocolate, macarons with praline, pistachio, or coffe flavoured buttercream, spiced macarons (with fennel, curry, spices and candied ginger...) the exotic macarons, the fruity (apricot and passionfruit macarons, cassis, lemmon...)

If you love macarons you will love this book!

SIMPLY FRESH, by Jeff Morgan

Simply Fresh has over one hundred recipes inspired from Ruby Tueday's . Drinks, appetizers and side dishes, bruch!!! Salads and pasta, seafood, beef, pork and poultry and Desserts! (lemmon zabaglione, cheese cake and angel food cake are my favorites)

There are several chef's tips, some of them with step by step photographs, which are alwasy so useful.  The photography is just great.  You will enjoy this book and keep it at hand to plan your menu.

Simply Great Breads: Sweet and Savory Yeasted Treats from America's Premier Artisan Baker**** A must!

This book is full of great bread recipes! It could have more pictures though. From  clasic breakfast breads,  to english muffins, rolls, angel buiscuits, bread sticks, ciabatta bread and rolls! Chili dusted navajo bread, yested pancakes, doughnuts, berliners, pizza dough. 

You will love cooking theese recipes!
*****Excellent Guide!

This is a very complete guide of how to choose and prepare the best season vegetables, fruits and herbs.  They are divided into: Spring, Late Summer, Fall and Winter and each product has a tip of how to keep it fresh, how to prepare, how to use it, also surprising pairings of this product and preserving!  Several recipes also. At the end there is a chapter of Prepping Produce and Freezer know how as well.  

The photography is superb, but has no pictures of recipes.

Everybody should have one of this at home!

THE PROFESSOR, by Cathy Perkins

The Professor*****  I LOVED IT!

This is a thriller, a murder-romance that will keep you tied up until the end. The professor is a killer, he is careful and organized, he chooses his victims, (all young and beautful ladies that wouldn't give him the time of day),  he stalks them, learn their secrets, and he takes them and enjoys them until he is not enjoying it anymore and kills them in the worst way. 

Agent Mick O'Shaughnessy works for SLED  and was ordered to stop these murders.  

He meets Meg Connelly, grad student and faculty advisor and he can't keep his eyes off her.  They are instantly attracted.  He wants to know her better but she is determined to finish her master's degree and concentrate only on that.  But the attraction is too strong...

martes, 10 de enero de 2012


The Viking's Sacrifice ****
You will surelly enjoy this book if you like historicals.  This story takes place in the year 836 in Northern England, when the vikings came to raid their coasts. 

Such is the case of the town of Wilda, a carefree young girl, who loved running on the beach for the sheer joy of running, until her town is attacked and she witnesses the death of her mother. During this attack she meets Einar, a young viking boy who saves her life. Eight years after that, they meet again, she will restore his courage, his selfsteem and his name, he will save her life again... This is a story of karls, and thralls, jarls, runes, gods and sacrifices... There is little joy in this story, but I enjoyed it all the same.

domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

HOLIDAY KISSES, by Kent, Burton, Dimon, and Stacey

Product Details****

Four stories for Christmas in one book.  Some better than the others...

Number one: "This Time Next Year" by Alison Kent - Dillon Craig is a mountain doctor, taking care of the mountain patients as he did in Afganistan.  He is a troubled man.  Ten comes Brenna Keating for her christmas party with her granny, but crashes her car and Dillon takes her to his cabin....Sparks fly, but Brenna is determined to fullfil her dream of an overseas trip, so they meet next year.  The story started great, but it something is missing in the middle. ***

NUmber two: "A Rare Gift" by Jaci Burton - Calliope Andrews had always a crush on Wyatt Kent - who was her former brother in law.  Divorced already three years ago, she contractred his company to build an extension to her daucare.  There are sparks, and Callipe is determined to get what she wants.  ****

Number three: "It's Not Christmas Without You" by HelenKay Dimon - Carrie and Austin were small-town sweethearts back in West Virginia, but when she headed off to D.C. to pursue her career dreams, Austin was left behind. He gets drunk, and mourns for two weeks and when he learns (by her brother) that she is dating again, he goes to bring her back. ***

Number four: "Mistletoe and Margaritas" by Shannon Stacey - Claire's husband died two years ago.  Her best friend during these years was also his best friend: Justin.  But Justin has always been in love with her.  And she?   I loved this one! ****

CAN'T TOUCH THIS, by Marley Gibson

ICan't Touch This (ResistingTemptation) *** 

I found this book slow and even a little bit boring at first and I had to resist the temptation to quit reading it. But as I don't always enjoy books written in the first person, I made the effort and continued reading, which payed off in the end. 

The reason why I don't like books written in the first person is because you cannot see this main character (who is writing) and cannot know how other people sees them or what they think or feel (for that the ominipresent is best). Sometimes it brings me no pleasure at all, such is the case of Sophy Kinsella's Confessions of a shopaholic, which brought me too much anxiety over the fact that she spends more than she earns. Sometimes, I love them, like Federica Bosco's: Mi piace da morire, which was funny and kept a smile on my face through the whole book.(but it might have been that I loved practicing my italian :-)

Anyway, this isn't the case of Can't touch this. It brought me anxiety over the fact that Vanessa Virtue takes the wrong decissions and trusts the wrong guy. The book has funny situations, and good dialog. Although I made an effort to reach the first 50% of the book, I was hooked from there on till the end and I enjoyed it.

martes, 3 de enero de 2012

***** Great Book!   Tempting photography of Gabriele Stabile and mark Ibold.  The book was written by Christina Tosi with Courney Mcbroom. It's Momofuku milk bar and all delicious and sweet treats... Aparently, this bar opened in 2004 with no intentions of serving desserts, but then they did!

Mother sauces, ingredients, equipment, technics, cookies, pies, sorbets, cakes,  and red velvet ice cream! And mother dough, bagel bombs, pretzels, brioche and focaccia, etc.


Fine Cooking Italian: 200 Recipes for Authentic Italian Food  *****  Excellent,  There are 200 recipes of authentic italian food.  This book is a dream come true: lots of pictures, not only of the finished dish, but also of how to do this and that and little step by step pictures.  

You will be cooking some of these recipes as soon as have it in your hands.  I read it as a digital book, but I am looking forward to having it in paper.

SOUP OF THE DAY, by Kate McMillian and Erin Kunkel

Product Details**** Great book! with 365 soup recipes.  One for each day of the year! Great recipe selection.  The photographs are awesome,  I would have preferred more photographs, but I understand it couldn't be easy to have 365 photographs as well.  I recommend this book. 

SAVEUR, Easy Italian, 30 classic recipes

SAVEUR Easy Italian*****   Spectacular!  I love this book, it has a photograph for each recipe and some have step by step photographs, which is great, since we all know how much easier it is to follow written instructions when you have colored pictures as well.

CANAL HOUSE COOKING VOL. VII, La dolce vita, by Christopher Hirsheimer , Melissa Hamilton

Canal House Cooking Volume No. 7: La Dolce Vita***** 

Great Book, good assortment of italian recipes and excellent photography!

You will find from the italian pasta,to fish, rabbits and big birds, vegetables and great sauces and meats. Also sandwiches, pannini and tramezzini...and several types of risotto! 

OUTLANDER SAGA, by Diana Gabaldon

Outlander (20th Anniversary Edition): A Novel*****This is the first book of the saga of Diana Gabaldon, a great historian and writer.

In 1945 Claire goes to Scotland with her husband and when she is visiting an ancient stone circle she is hurled back in time to a Scotland in 1743.  there she meets a hero like no other: Jamie Fraser.  You will fall in love with him!

I do not like fantastic books, but I loved this one.  It is already several years old...but it is a must!  Following this book is : Dragonfy in Amber: lovely book! and the voyager...another must.

The Girl with a pearl earring, by Tracy Chevalier

Girl with a Pearl Earring, Deluxe Edition***** This book is a treasure!  It is a historical fiction, lovely!

It is the life o a girl, working in the house of the famouse painter Johannes Vermeer.  The description of the household and of the  town of Delft will take you there.  In fact I was so fascinated with the story that I had to visit Delft for myself, and see what Tracy Chevalier so well described.
Griet, a young girl leaves her home to work as a maid in Vermeer household, but endes being his model and assistant as well as his lover...