lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012


A Dixie Christmas***

The first story: Clayton Jessup III is the new owner of The Blue Suede Suites and the vacant lot where  the Fallons had set up their Nativity scene. Annie Fallon and her family where all dressed up as characters of a fifties movie retrospective.  Still, a strange heat pulsed through Clayton's body as he gazed at her.  And just as he was about to kicking them off his property, he fell broke his ankle and bumped his head. And Annie took him to her farm and took good care of him....

The second story: Lance Caslow, her exhusband and NASCAR superheroe was once more trying to convince her to forgive him.  He probably thought she would take one look at him and melt, and she did, but she didn't forgive him.  So he decided to take drastic measures...

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