martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

**** Wonderful!

This story takes place in 1913 London where Seamus returned after a trip to Antartida ,and  India, where Willa is.  

In London Willa's family is in the middle of the struggle for women's suffrage.    In India: was Willa, with her pains and her memories.  For neither willa, nor Seamus would ever forget what had happended in Africa.  They had been climbing the Kilimanjaro when a boulder hit Willa and she fell.  Seami carried her to the base, but when he reached the villa, one of her legs had to be amputated.  And she never forgave Seamus Finnegan for that loss.  Eight years after that, she is climbing mountains and she has a wide knowledge of the Himalayas, she has surveyed, mapped and photographed more than any westerner had ever done.  She is still in love with Seamus but will they be reunited again?


**** Nice easy read

Maddie maloney is a gemolotist and a nerd who discovered a pink diamond worth twenty millon dollars, but when she was curved over her microscope, a  stranger came into the jewelery shop and warned her about a jewel thief called Chameleon. The stranger's name is Fabian Montgomery and they are going to have quite an adventure together, trying to catch the chameleon while escaping from the police.

GRAVE MERCY, by Robin LaFevers

Grave Mercy: His Fair Assassin, Book I (His Fair Assassin Trilogy)**** Loved it!

Lots of intrigues, spies, deception and also love.

This story takes place in the beautiful Brittany of 1485 when the Duchy of Brittany still remained independent from France. Although the characters  travel  through " la Bretagne", there are little or no descriptions of the cities they visit, such as Guerande, Nantes, Rennes, Quimper, Amboise, fougeres, Brest, Guingamp, St. Malo...   A pity.

Grave Mercy is written in the first person of  Ismae Rienne who was raised as  the daughter of a turnip's farmer but was in fact the daughter of Mortain, the god of death. She was brutally beaten by her father until he sold her to Guillo as his wife, but he was no better.  She was saved by a herbewitch who took her to the Convent of Saint Mortain.  By the way they had to take a boat to reach the Convent, I imagine it was Mont St. Michel. A convent in a small island, very near the beach which is now a tourist place and a convent.

Ismae is fourteen years old when she learns to serve Mortain in any way he asks her. She is not only very clever but also an excellent assasin.  She despises  all men, for how they had treated her all her life, but then  she meets Duval...