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Midnight Remedy****  I loved it!

Dr. Eric Chambers came to ask Piper about her maggic potion she gave Randy  Johnson. He wanted to know what was in the herbal tea and also to tell Ms. Piper Stevenson to keep her herb-picking hands off his patients. But he was totally distracted by her when he saw her. 

Piper was duped once, seven years ago, when she met her sons father, who was married with three kids!  She is not going to fall for Eric's charms... Or is she?


A Dixie Christmas***

The first story: Clayton Jessup III is the new owner of The Blue Suede Suites and the vacant lot where  the Fallons had set up their Nativity scene. Annie Fallon and her family where all dressed up as characters of a fifties movie retrospective.  Still, a strange heat pulsed through Clayton's body as he gazed at her.  And just as he was about to kicking them off his property, he fell broke his ankle and bumped his head. And Annie took him to her farm and took good care of him....

The second story: Lance Caslow, her exhusband and NASCAR superheroe was once more trying to convince her to forgive him.  He probably thought she would take one look at him and melt, and she did, but she didn't forgive him.  So he decided to take drastic measures...

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A KISS IN THE WIND, by Jennifer Bray-Weber

A Kiss in the Wind**** total adventure!

This story takes place at sea and in Puerto Plata, Hispaniola island in 1726.  It's a pirate adventure with lots of fights and shipwrecking.

Marisol Castellan is the daughter of a french pirate who has been on board for two years already and has learned nearly everything.  She is searching one of her brothers, to do so, she intercepts a courrier.  To escape spanish soldiers she ends in a public house where she meets Blade.

Captain Blade Tyburn is a libertine wknow to seduce woemn all over the Caribbean with his charm. He loves women and he treat them well. (may be too well) .

They are wildly attracted to each other...


Forbidden Fantasies**** I enjoyed this short story!

Jessica Meyers has been married to  her handsome husband for fifteen years.  They have two children of seven and five years old and their sex life is a bore.  But then Jessica bought some bdsm books and she started yearning for more.

Alex Meyers is a state trooper and is a master uncovering the truth but cannot understand what is happening to their marriage. So when his wife tells him, he prepares a special weekend in a b&b (bondage and breakfast)

This story is nice, is a bdsm, but is not kinky.  I enjoyed it.
Wicked Weekend**** entertaining bdsm short story

This is my first  bdsm book, so for me it was educational.  

Lauren Vaughn introduced her sister to the man she has a crush on.  And now they are in their bachelorette party in a ski center and she is lonely and bored.  But then she glimpses a man with a black handkerchief in his pocket and she remembers the hanky code, but she is not sure what the left pocket meant.  So, Mr fantasy man comes to her table and starts talking to her.  Jamie finally takes her to his suite and never wants to let her go.

Seduction (The Spymaster's Men)*** Not as good as her other books, but nice read 

Julianne Greystone is an Englishwoman sympathizing with the french peasants, during the french revolution.  She takes care of an english spy, Dominc Paget, who was wounded in France and is thoroughly captivated by him. He is very attracted to her, so when she escapes to London to avoid him, it is Dominic who comes to her rescue.

ALLEGIANCE, Cayla Kluver

Allegiance (Harlequin Teen)**** Lovely teenage story of love and magic!

Queen Alera of Hytanica is only eighteen years old, and already madle in love.  But her love cannot be, for Narian can't help his past.  he is madly in love with her, he cannot keep his mind of her or forget her deep blue eyes. 

Narian is destined to conquer Hytanica but she hopes he will not do it, hopes he will not fight against her. But he does....

HER DARK PROTECTOR by Carol Stephenson

Her Dark Protector**** I couldn't put it down!

State Attorney Gail Malloy was having a rendevous with her snitch Jean Pierre late at night and in a dangerous neighbourhood.  He was going to give her information that will put Tony Hernandez in jail forever.  Jean Pierre claimed to have proof of Hernandez killing Juan Montoya, Ortega's number one man in the United States.  

Unfortunately, Jean Pierre never showed up, in  his place was someone determined to kill her and he would have succeded if not for her dark protector. 

Jason Hawke is a business tycoon determined to help put Hernandez in jail for the murder of his wife and child.  He is seeking revenge.  In fact, he joined the Justice Hunters, a secret organization dedicated to maintining law and order in order to do so. 

But, although he has his own agenda he is attracted to Gail, and so is she. They will have to  bear lies, deception, corruption, and the death of close friends, but in the end love prevails...

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THE PRICE OF INNOCENCE, by susan sizemore

*****  I loved it!

"The price of innocence is what someone is willing to pay to destroy it"

Lord Jack Pen Martyn is an english earl who works for the Foreign Office since he was only seventeen years old.  

Nine years ago, as he was mascarading as a irish pirate in Asia getting information for his country,  he met Sherehezade Van Harlen, an american prisoner in a cage waiting to be taken to a harem.  Jack makes a deal with her: she would be free in a month if she gave him her innocence.  She accepted, and more than a month after that she returned home with a broken heart and pregnant.  She had to face her problems, marry somebody to give her baby and manage her father's legacy.

Rich american heiress Sherri Hamilton, widow of Jeremiah Hamilton, is in London with her daughter Minnie and her aunt Dora Comstock who wishes to see her daughters married to men of titles.  

When Sherri is introduced to Lord Penmartyn she doesn't quite recognize him as her former lover and keeper.  He, on the other hand, is spellbound and stopped breathing thinking that his Sheherezade was going to faint or shout.  She sensed something dangerous in him, and some similarity to Cullum, her irish pirate, but he speaks quite differently and has no beard.

Jack is a respectable and generous lord, loved and admired by everyone and Sherri cannot understand how he became an earl.  She hates him and she is the only woman he ever loved.  But he is not enough for her.  He feels he doesn't deserve her.  She will prove him wrong.

There are lovely romantic  love scenes.  I enjoyed this book very much.

WHITE NIGHTS, by Susan Edwards

White Nights (Leisure historical romance)**** Lovely too!

Another story of the Oregon trail in 1856.  If you read White Wolf, you won't want to miss this one.  This is the story of Eirica Macauley whose husband was supposedly dead in the waters of the Plate River.  She is glad to be a widow, finally free of her abussive husband.  She is never going to trust a man again, to give another man the power to hurt her and her children.

James loves her.  He wants to make a home with her and her lovely children and some of their own.  He aches for her and can't live without Eirica even though she is pregnant of her fourth child. He is determined to win her trust and her love.

They will find several obstacles to their love, greatest of all that her husband Rick is not dead but determined to take her back.

I found love and courage and sacrifice in all these wonderful families that had the same goal: reach oregon and have lands of their own and settle down.

WHITE WOLF, by Susan Edwards

White Wolf*****Lovely!

Jennifer Jones lost her parents when she was a little girl.  She was raised by  her three brothers, mostly James, who was seventeen years old at the time. They promised their parents to stick together no matter what. But now Jessy's brothers want to leave her behind. They have been planning to  move to Oregon for a long time, they sold the house, the cattle. 

Everything was arranged but the wagon master broke his leg and White Wolf is going to take his place.  He is a half breed and has a rule: no single women are allowed.  But Jessy is determined to go with her brothers even if she has to dress up like a boy.

Jessy and Wolf will fight most of the time, she finding revenge in little things such as embedding some thorns in his bedroll, or dropping a small sliver of hot chili peeper into his pot, he keeping her busy with lots of work and no fun.  But soon he realises he is a she, and he has to fight the sensual attraction he feels  for her and she was not immune to him either.  Jessie Jones is irresistible but he cannot keep her, he has a duty to his people. And while he is still fighting her, Wahoska, his wolf fells in love with her dog Sadie.  

Jessy has a wild temper but is a lovely character, so full of energy and life.  Wolf is such a good man, sweet, giving  and protective. I fell in love with all the characters.  Lovely story.   All the characters are really great.  I fell in love with them and was glad I could continue enjoying them in Susan Edwards' next book: White Nights

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SANCTUARY COVE, by Rochelle Alers.

****  I enjoyed it.

Deborah moves to the small community of Sancturay Cove after the death of her husband.  She needs to be away from Charleston and the people that hurt her family. 

She is moving also her bookstore, the first one in Sanctuary Cove.  And there she meets a very handsome, wounded man who lost his wife and kid some time back and is renting a suite at the Cove Inn.    

They are going to find something wonderful...

WITH THIS KISS, by Bella Riley

With This Kiss*****  I loved it!

Rebecca Campbell moved to Emerald lake and fell in love with the town, the Adirondacks and the people.  She was soon engaged to be married to Stu, but they realized they weren't in love and canceeled the wedding, only three weeks in advance.  

John Murphy, Stu's brother, took one look at her and  he was mesmerized.   Every time she sees him, she feels an attraction so strong that she is scared.  They fight all this sensual tension, but in the end they cannot deny themselves anymore...

I fell in love with the town, Lake Yarns, and all the characters, specially Celeste with her joie du vivre, and her magnificent story.

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QUINN, by R.G. Ryan

Quinn****  I loved it!

Quinn was only ten years old when his mother disappeared without leaving a trace.  His brother Jake had been five and  Josh seven.  His father Cole was devastated and their grandfather Big Jim was trying to keep them busy at the time.  From that moment on, the five of them live alone in the Conway ranch with Phoebe Hogan, who lost her husband being very young and Ela who raised Cole, since his mother died when he was a baby.

Cheyenne O' Brian lived in her ranch with Micah Horn, an old guy who looks after her since she was a little girl, and was just like family.  Her mother died when she was young, her brother and father, some years before.

One night she was all alone in the ranch, when she meets Quinn.  They are attracted to each other, lots of sexual tension between them.   But she is in danger and it comes from where they less expect it.  Quinn will do his best to keep her safe, but will he succed?

Lovely family!

BOND WITH ME, by Anne Marsh

Bond with Me**** I enjoyed it!

This is a fantastic story of fallen angels.  The rebels are Dominions, angel warriors bred to defend the throne of Heavens, and to die for it, although the only way to kill them is to cut off their heads completely.  Archangel Michael influenced by a devious angel, punished these Dominions to stripped their souls and wings and cast them out of heaven.  They fell to earth to be half beast and half men until they found their soul mate.  If they did, the Fallen would regain their wings and soul and the entrance to Heaven again.

Three thousand years after that, in the M City, in Russia, Brends Duranov, the fallen angel owner of the night club G2, meets his soul mate.  She is searching for her cousin.  Lots of women wanted to bond with a Goblin to experience total pleasure, although the Goblin preyed on their human's emotions, drinking them down like a vampyr did blood.  Mishka Baran is aware of the danger but she is determined to find her cousin Pelinor, and the only way to help her is to bonding with Brends Duranov.  And it is going to be a great experience!